Dr Michael Eko, BSc (Hons), PsychD, CPsychol

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As a society, we are encouraged to do things that help us to maintain healthy bodies. Yet, when it comes to our psychological and emotional wellbeing, the collective habit tends to be to brush things under the carpet as if ignoring them will make them all go away. If we are really honest, most of us know that this comes at a cost. Our avoidance strategies and unquestioned beliefs in fact keep our sense of anxiety, fear and inadequacy going in the long-term. So seeking the right professional help can be very important to help free us up to live life more flexibly and courageously.

I offer a compassionate, creative, evidence-based psychological therapy for those with mental, emotional, behavioural & spiritual challenges.

My approach blends Western psychology and Eastern spiritual understanding using:

  • Mindfulness-based cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), which focuses on looking at the limitations of inflexible thoughts, beliefs and behaviour, and the strategies we've learnt to use to navigate the world.
  • Action and commitment therapy (ACT), which uses acceptance and mindfulness strategies, together with values and behaviour change strategies, to both lessen psychological suffering and increase psychological flexibility.
  • Psychodynamic psychotherapy which explores unconscious fears and ways of relating to others (i.e. roles, identities) and how these affect our functioning.

I offer evidence-based therapy to help people overcome life’s challenges.
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